Funding the Next Album Through Kickstarter

Local Sacremento band Prylosis got creative, using crowdfunding website kickstarter to raise over $2,000 for mastering and distribution of their second album. I spoke with bassist Jeff about how they made this a success and how other local bands can make the most of their own crowdfunding campaigns.

Using crowdfunding bands can reverse the traditional business model. Bands have the opportunity to sell their product before it’s been produced and then use the money raised to create it. They just need to pull in the supporters to help them meet their goal. Kickstarter is a popular example of a crowdfunding system.

Prylosis had already started pulling together a new album but needed funds to help get them across the finish line. As a local band, consistent pay can be hard to come by. They saw their opportunity after seeing a few other local bands running successful crowdfunding campaigns.

 Building the campaign

You have to be very specific about what it is you are using the money for and what backers will get in return for their donations.

Your fans aren’t just giving you money. They’re putting down money upfront for a product they want to receive in the future. They’re giving you the funds you need to create the product they want.

Careful thought needs to go into what you’re offering your fans for their support. Make it worth their while, give them no reason to pass up on the opportunity. You can offer unique reward for supporters such as pre-release copies, demos recordings & alternate mixes) or custom-made t-shirts. Be creative and be generous.

Promoting the campaign

Crowdfunding is all about calling on your existing fan base to show their support. Your backers are going to come almost exclusively from your current fan base, so make sure you let them know what’s going on.

The most effective place to promote was through Facebook, Twitter and our website. Nearly 50% of our goal was raised by just 3 backers who are close friends and fans of the band.

Your fans follow you because they’re interested in hearing from you. Get in touch and let them know how they can support you and what they’ll be receiving in return for their support. Keep them updated throughout the life of the campaign and encourage everyone to get involved and spread the word.

Meeting the goal

Meeting our goal was a challenge. It really came down to the wire.

Getting across that finish line and meeting your target is essential for the campaign. If you don’t meet your goal the money raised gets returned to the backers, you won’t see a cent and you’ll have to find other means to get things finished.

Choose a goal which is achievable and will be enough to let you produce what you’ve promised your fans. Work out just how much you need and stick to that. There’s no upper limit to how much money you can raise through the campaign, so if things go much better than expected, you won’t be missing out.

The keys to success

The key to success was being sincere and really getting the point across that we want our fans to get the best final product that we can give them when it comes to the new album.

Your fans are your lifeblood, let them know how much you appreciate them and their support. Let them know that their support will help create a product which they will want to be a part of. You’re giving them the opportunity to come in behind the scenes and really get behind a band they believe in.

Success comes from a combination of a well thought out campaign with good rewards, good promotion and calling on your fans to get involved.

We learned just how amazing our fans can be. Be sincere, you’re asking people to fund your dream. You owe a lot to anyone who backs your project no matter how big or small.

You can check out the original kickstarter campaign from Prylosis, including their self produced promotional video and rewards for backers here.

Prylosis are a hard rock band hailing from Sacramento, California, releasing their first album in 2009. Their new album Moral Insanity was released on July 28th. Check out their homepage and their facebook page for more information.

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