Taking Your Band On Tour Internationally

Sydney heavy metal band, As Silence Breaks, took touring into their own hands and endeavoured on an epic quest to the west coast of the United States. Self funded, self organised and self motivated, the band took it on themselves to make it happen. I spoke with drummer Reece Kirby about their planning and execution to help share some knowledge for others looking to do the same in the future. In late 2011 they flew over to L.A. to begin their 5 state... Read More

Making a Living as a Touring Musician

Mathew James White makes his living as an independent singer songwriter. After meeting him on tour last year, I spoke with Mat to get an insight into how he has built a sustainable career doing what he loves. Here we’ll look into how he’s established a successful career as a touring singer/songwriter. Originally from New Zealand, Mat is now based out of Berlin, Germany, a modern cultural focal point. The guitar, singing and performing... Read More

Funding the Next Album Through Kickstarter

Local Sacremento band Prylosis got creative, using crowdfunding website kickstarter to raise over $2,000 for mastering and distribution of their second album. I spoke with bassist Jeff about how they made this a success and how other local bands can make the most of their own crowdfunding campaigns. Using crowdfunding bands can reverse the traditional business model. Bands have the opportunity to sell their product before it’s been produced... Read More